The Glute Trainer Plus

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The Glute Trainer Plus is the home fitness trainer built tough enough to also be used in gyms as well as by physical therapist! Providing you with the many benefits of fitness, therapy, body sculpting, body building, weight loss and more. The Glute Trainer Plus has gotten the approval and praise from Chiropractors and Physical Therapists to those who train on it regularly as you can clearly see in our videos The Glute Trainer Plus has proven results.

It can be locked in any position, is height adjustable and can be left in the flex position allowing the bench to move freely for back supported functional training. There is also a Stop Pin attachment. while using the Glute Trainer plus in the unlocked or (Flex) position you can set the stop pin to control how far back and to what angle the bench can reach. This is a great feature both in safety and in rehabilitation moves when the user does not want to be able to move past the desired range of motion for the injured area. When you are ready to advance you can move the stop pin to the next desired deposition.You have never worked your glutes or your body like the Glute Trainer Plus allows. 

Free shipping is not the only thing you get when you purchase The Glut Trainer Plus. You will also receive five large loop 41" exercise bands. Two - ½ inch wide bands,    two -1” wide band, and one - 2” wide band. You also get to rely on our growing online video library demonstrating to you all of the work out and exercise possibilities you can perform with The Glute Trainer Plus.

 The Glute Trainer Plus provides you a complete Full body workout in the privacy of your own home. With a small footprint and endless exercise combinations you have a full-size gyms worth of equipment in the convenience of home.



The Glute Trainer Plus is a commercial rated piece of fitness equipment strong enough for any large gym, small gym-tight on space, physical therapist and chiropractic offices and most importantly, your own home. This one piece of equipment allows you to perform hundreds of exercises and allows you to eliminate a seated row machine, seated shoulder press machine and or bench, 15 to 19 inches in plyometric boxes, flat and incline benches, dumbbells and barbells alike. The Glute Trainer Plus gives you the power of a full gym in one small product and place.



Easily adjusted both in height and angles The Glute Trainer Plus allows for fast and easy transitions from exercises and body parts. You can switch form Bands to Free weights or use in combinations with ease and confidence. The exceptional craftsmanship and painstaking engineering built into the Glute Trainer Plus allows the user to have a confidence in their workouts like never-before. The back, spine and neck support are second to none and is revolutionary in its design.



The Glute Trainer Plus has created a brand-new section of functional programming and training. Never-before have you had a bench that can move while you move and allow you to combine and perform any standard stationary lift with functional movements giving the user superior support, confidence and achieve workouts never before offered in any other product.




We are very proud that we can build The Glute Trainer Plus right here in the USA. The Glute Trainer Plus was created in 2017 and over the past three years we put 7 different prototypes made by several manufacturers through extensive trials, testing and evaluations. The tests were performed by physical therapists, chiropractors, personal trainers, athletes professional and amateur as well as the average person looking for an edge on their training protocol.  When the testing was complete, we chose a company in Texas to make our unique and revolutionary new product. We are very proud to offer an amazing American made product to all of you.